What is a working holiday package? Why am I paying somebody to help me to find a job and accommodation overseas?


Typically working holiday packages are for youth mobility travellers on working holiday visa which may be struggling to gain commitment from employers and landlords before they arrive. 


For first time travellers, this may create anxiety and concerns as to whether or not their current work experience and financials will stack up when they first arrive in a new country. Overseas working holiday packages/ budget concierge services are designed to alleviate anxiety and provide confidence and courage for first-time travellers to make the move to go abroad to work.


What is the responsibility of concierge service provider? Typically companies who provide services in the sector have got solid relationships with the employers and accommodation partners overseas who are willing to accept individuals on working holiday visa without any country specific references ( employment and letting). Employers & Landlords take these applicants into their jobs and accommodation on the back the recommendation made to them by the concierge service provider. (in this case us) 


Most importantly the employment and accommodation partners must give priority to individuals that our packages to retain a part of the working holiday initiative. For example The Working Holiday Club™ set you up in a catering company in London to work in five-star hotels. The relationship between the events companies and us quite simple, anyone arriving in the Jumpstart London must get priority shifts every week, be offered minimum hours on contract ( if that's the options you have selected) and allow the client to travel without losing their job


Can you get this type of job & accommodation yourself, yes you can. Simply go online and search for jobs in London you will find thousands of opportunities. If you apply for these positions before you leave, receive a Skype interview, jobs contract and a commitment minimum hours before leave, and have a fallback plan in the if don't get work then there is simply no need for you to buy any of these services. 


Now for the big important question. Is this financially viable? 

For the purpose of keeping the article short, we will focus on one package. The Jumpstart London™

The service level agreement signed with you must ensure that within the first week in a half you have achieved the following; 

  • Bank account opened
  • National insurance application 
  • Pub crawl & city walks with the other party here and there to meet other rivals
  • Receive list of suitable rooms to view 
  • Attend viewing of these chambers & negotiate terms 
  • Move into your new room 
  • Attending training  at a 5-star hotel 
  • Buy your uniforms 
  • Start you new job

 So to answer the question if you think you can do this in less than a week and a half then it's not financially viable for you. 


What you should take into consideration when you're thinking about using a working holiday concierge service.


Make a plan and work out what it is you would like to achieve on your working holiday. Every one of you has access to the Internet. Search for jobs accommodation and make your enquiries. If you find that you're not getting the appropriate responses from the people, you are trying to contact then perhaps a travel concierge package will work for you.


When you are dealing with overseas employers, always check that they are willing to commit to you with the minimum hours you need. When you're dealing with landlords & letting agents make sure that when you arrive that a room is available to book straight away. Find out from the owner you are looking at if you arrive in the country without any references what are the upfront payment required to offer surety.


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We hope this helped you guys to understand the services provided by The Working Holiday Club™ better. We offer a concierge service for the budget traveller to settle in overseas faster.


Happy Travels.

The Working Holiday Club™

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