Work hands on with some of Africa’s greatest wildlife. Feed cheetahs, leopards, lions and Africa’s second most endangered carnivore, the African Wild Dog!

Be a part of true conservation. This wildlife program is a sanctuary that takes all animals big and small and we need you to help us care for them. When we get a call to mitigate human wildlife conflict across Namibia, you are there with us every step of the way. 


You get:

  • Volunteer with endangered African wildlife
  • Help clean, nurture and feed abandoned wildlife
  • Create lifelong friendships with other volunteers
  • Help release wildlife back into their natural habitat
  • Clean and maintain animal shelters and homes

  • Program Inclusions

    • 14 nights accommodation
    • Private airport pick-up and bus transfer out to the project
    • Three meals daily, for 14 days, while at the project
    • Support from our volunteer specialist right up until you arrive at the project
    • Support with your visa application


  • Application Process

    • After completing an enquiry form on our website you will be contacted within 48hrs by one of our Volunteer specialists and you will be given a detailed insight into what day to day life as volunteer at the Conservation Project is like. All questions will be answered in detail and expectations of what to expect will be set.


    • Volunteering, especially in a foreign country is not for everyone so it’s important you understand the ins and outs of the you’re about to embark on. Once you have been deemed a suitable for our project and you are content with the adventure ahead you will be required to make payment in full before your booking is set in stone. We also have the option available for you to pay a deposit and monthly instalments thereafter.
  • About The Wildlife Conservation Project

    On this project, volunteers will have the rare and exciting opportunity to actively participate in the conservation, rehabilitation and research of African wildlife. The sanctuary currently
 provides a safe refuge for orphaned, injured or ‘problem’ wildlife, including a number of lions, leopards, cheetahs, wild dogs, caracals, warthogs, antelope and baboons, as well as a host of birds, smaller African mammals and farmyard animals.

    Our Wildlife Conservation Volunteers provide an 
important resource in the daily care and feeding of the animals, as well as helping to 
maintain and develop the sanctuary. This is an exceptional opportunity to get hands-on with African wildlife and many aspects of their care. Additionally, although our focus is on animal welfare, there will also be educational and recreational activities for volunteers to take part in. All routine aspects of the program are carried out in a rotational group system to ensure that everybody gets exposed to the variety of experiences available.

  • Where Is The Wildlife Conservation Project Located?

    The Wildlife Sanctuary is 3,200 hectares of protected land just half an hour from Windhoek.

    In a landscape of camel thorn trees, riverbeds and stone canyons, the reserve is a little piece of wilderness, home to free roaming herds of zebra, giraffe or antelope, as well as big carnivores such as cheetahs, leopards and caracal.

  • What Will Your Role Be As A Volunteer?

    • Preparing food and feeding the wildlife and farm animals
    • Cleaning and maintaining enclosures
    • Providing enrichment to the animals (in the form of interaction, walks in the bush or implementation of special activities for them
    • Providing intensive care for juvenile wildlife including overnight care for some animals such as baboons
    • Physical labour such as building new facilities
    • Research which entails the monitoring of 
free-ranging carnivores in the area and 
surrounding farms – this will aid in the project's role of conserving threatened carnivores by reducing human-wildlife conflict, through research, relationship-building, improved live stock protection and cooperation with local farmers  

    • Time in the environment such as tracking & monitoring carnivores (and snakes) on or near property, horseback riding and game counts in the bush
    • Assisting with the various projects that arise at the sanctuary


  • Accommodation

    We have two options of accommodation at the Wildlife Sanctuary – volunteer rooms with up to three people (same gender) sharing a room, or large tents with a living and bedroom area to be shared by up to two people (same gender or a couple). The rooms are basic but our single beds are comfortable, with bedding provided (duvets and pillows). Showers and toilet facilities are communal and hot water is supplied by solar energy, and therefore is sometimes restricted. Power sockets for electrical items are available in communal areas.


  • Meals

    Three balanced meals are provided per day on a self-serve basis. On weekends we often have a braai (barbecue). Vegetarian options are available upon request. Please advise us of any special dietary requirements prior to arrival at the project.

    The facility's research sites are very similar to the ones provided at the sanctuary, with accommodation either in guesthouse rooms or in large tents. We will provide you with three meals per day.

  • Cost



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