Avoid the nightmare that is the London rental market, and reserve your shared accommodation before arriving to London. Move straight into our backpacker/budget style accommodation and and meet fellow travelers. Further simplify your working holiday preparations and have our experts handle your visa application, leaving you free to plan the more exciting parts of your overseas adventure!


Our Shared House + Visa Package will save you time and money, two things that every traveler needs more of! Avoid lengthy stays in hostels and countless viewings, and reserve your home away from home before arriving to London. If you already have employment lined up for London, look no further!


Here is you want to avoid:

  • Heavy agency fees
  • Heavy deposit due to a lack of references 
  • Delay in opening a bank account – proof address is required  
  • Delay in obtaining your National Insuance Number 
  • Long-lease contract lock-in 

  • How Does This Pack Work?

    As soon a sign up for The Working Holiday Club™ Shared House & UK Work Visa program, you will receive an online application form to complete. We will prepare your UK Work Visa application pack to get you approved the first time round.

    • Approximately 90 days before your departure date we will submit your online application and book your biometric appointment. The biometric appointment process includes having your fingerprints and the digital photo taken before they take all of your documents for processing.
    • You will also receive an online, easy to use accommodation booking form to be filled out once you have confirmed you arrival dates.
    • A few weeks before your arrival dates you'll receive a Skype call from the London concierge service team. Our team will provide you with three options that you can choose from before you make your deposit payment, securing your room. 

    This pack is specifically aimed at individuals who do not require assistance with employment.


  • Product Inclusions

    • Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa point score and assessment (ancestral visa is an extra $100)
    • Supporting documents guide & review
    • Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa application completed on your behalf
    • Corrections, review and application approval
    • Biometric appointment booked on your behalf
    • Support from your personal licensed migration agent, 9 - 5, Monday - Friday
    • 100% Refund Policy
    • Shared house spot booked
    • Pre-departure call to advise on best-suited vacancies
    • UK bank account guaranteed
    • Fee Free Money Transfer
    • National Insurance Number
    • Arrival info, parties & the City Walking Tour
    • Free Pub Crawl
    • 24 months of ongoing shared house placements
  • London Shared Accommodation

    Weekly Rentals Start From:


    You will get:

    • Travel Rental Agreement - Our unique contract has been carefully configured to allow you to travel and live as cheaply as possible in London. In most of our houses, you are only required to put down a two-week deposit with only one week rent upfront and with a two week notice period you can leave to travel at short notice. On your return, you will be eligible to take up another room with us at no extra cost. You are entitled to do this as often as you like.
    • Roommate Matching Service -  Matching new arrivals together as suitable house mates. During the first week of being in London, you will have the opportunity to join various city walks and social events where you can meet other travellers and match yourself to the perfect roommates. During the viewing process, you will meet the other housemates to ensure that this is a good fit for you. Please be mindful that in the busy months availability is limited. However if you move into a property and wish to be moved at a later stage, this can be done for you at no extra cost.


    Top Reasons Why This Is Good


    The Working Holiday Club™ is the only working holiday agency which offers "RENT A BED" in a purpose designed shared house. You will not carry the liability and cost of a roommate departing. Our contract has been designed to allow you to travel without having to pay rent while you are away, nor do you have to find a replacement for your room. The rental contracts which we negotiate for you are classed as temporary accommodation. You are therefore eligible to offset your rent costs against your income tax, ultimately giving you a higher take-home on your pay. No one else does this! 

    If you're travelling with a friend and you want to share a room to save on rent, we recommend you do research on this. In most cases landlords will not move two single beds into a double room to accommodate for sharing. Furthermore, in most cases, should one of you move out, the other one will be liable for the entire rent or find a replacement. Plan carefully. 

  • About Your UK Work Visa

    • The whole process starts with filling out our online application form and uploading your supporting documents. Our licensed working holiday visa migration consultant will work with you on a one-to-one basis, making sure all of your supporting documents are 100% correct, which will guarantee you get your visa the first time you apply. As part of the application process, we will help you pick the start date for when your visa will begin. Keep in mind that this date must be within three months of when you complete your application.
    • Once completed we will book your biometric appointment. This appointment is required by the government and is where they collect a copy of your fingerprints, which will be used when arriving in the UK on your visa. You’ll be asked to give (usually one finger) to them when being processed by customs. The entire appointment takes all of about 30 - 45 minutes (be there 15 minutes early) and you will need to bring you supporting documentation. Before you attend your biometric appointment, you’ll need to pay the Immigration Healthcare Surcharge (IHS), if applicable to you (if you are from Australia or New Zealand there will be no fee).

    You get:

    • Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa point score and assessment
    • Supporting documents guide & review
    • Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa application completed on your behalf
    • Corrections, review and application approval
    • Biometric appointment booked on your behalf
    • Support from your personal licensed migration agent, 9 - 5, Monday - Friday
    • 100% Refund Policy applies 
    • We will also assist you in obtaining your IHS reference number
    • We will assist you with a UK address where you can collect you biometric card


  • Who Best Suits This Pack

    This pack will suit someone who:

    • Understands that they it's difficult to find a suitable place to live in London without any references or credit history in the country, and wants to avoid be stranded in a new country
    • Has learnt that it is nearly impossible to open a bank account without a fixed address, and wants to solve this problem in the early stages of their trip
    • Needs to start working immediately once they arrive in the country, and don't wish to waste time sorting out accommodation, visas and bank account
    • Wants to have the freedom to find their job, in their own time, but doesn't want to have to stress about their living situation
  • Bank Account & NI Number

    About Your UK Bank Account

    Opening a UK bank account can seem nearly impossible when you first arrive. But as they say, every day without a bank account is another day without pay. The amount and types of identification required to open a bank account has increased since June 2015. If you are just about to arrive in the UK, chances are you won't have the necessary documents you need, such as a tenancy agreement or utility bills. We will get this sorted for you in the your first few days. Our specialised products have been designed for working holiday makers looking to start as quickly as possible one they arrive to the UK.

    We will:

    • Do an online application for your new bank account
    • Secure an appointment for you to attend, where you can show supporting documentation
    • You will use the accommodation arranged for you prior to arrival as your proof of residential address

    What Is A National Insurance Number?

    Your UK National Insurance number is a unique personal identification number allocated to you, used to identify you to HM Revenue & Customs and the Department of Work and Pensions. It ensures the Government correctly records any contributions you are entitled to, or any taxes that you might need to pay to the government. Your National Insurance contributions go towards the UK social security and the state pension system. Everyone who works in any capacity in the UK will need to register for a National Insurance Number.

    • You will attend an orientation session where you can use our equipment and fill out your online application for your NI
    • You will use the accommodation arranged for you prior to arrival as your proof of residential address, so that you can receive your National Insurance forms by post


Don't wait too long, spots are limited.
Check the program timetable for open spots




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