Traveling and working overseas for the first time can be daunting. Our unique Jumpstart London™ package takes care of the most important relocation requirements to get you going in a flash!

The Jumpstart London™ pack offers travelers an immediate cash flow on arrival and budget shared accomodation is guarranteed!

You get:
  • Job offers in London months ahead before arriving
  • Shared house in London to move into within your first week
  • Bank Account & National Insurance Number assistance
  • Weekly social events and staff parties
  • Personal concierge service to arrange jobs & rooms for 24 months


  • Jumpstart London™ Program Inclusions

    • In-Country Skype Interview Fair for Australian, New Zealand & Canadian applicants
    • Job offers in London months before departure, or your money back
    • Traveller Employment Contract - two-week notice period, unique and exclusive for our applicants
    • Minimum hour guarantees policy from The Working Holiday Club™
    • 100% refund policy guarantee
    • £50 a day job guarantee insurance, in case of a delay
    • Shared House Service – quick move-in for participants
    • Travel Rental Agreement – a two-week lease contract unique and exclusive for our applicants
    • Find A Travel Mate – travel buddy forum
    • Roommate Matching Service – matching new arrivals together as good housemates
    • Room Share Service – rearranging room and bedding to accommodate friends travelling together
    • UK Bank Account Guaranteed
    • Free International Money Transfer
    • National Insurance Number Assistance
    • Arrival Info, Parties & City Walking Tours
    • Free Pub Crawl
    • 24-months ongoing job & accommodation placements
    • Pre-departure Skype calls from our London office to ensure your booking and application is complete
    • Door-to-door airport booking service 
    • Employment workshops for agency work 
    • Discounted entry to popular night clubs & pubs
    • Weekly social event invites to meet new travel buddies, plus free Busabout giveaway prizes
    • Mail holding & luggage storage
    • UK tax return assistance – claim the price of package back
    • Ongoing support from our London office
    • Discounted hostel bookings at Generator London
    • Invites to regular organised Europe weekend breaks
  • Employment On Jumpstart London™

    When you join Jumpstart London™ you will be first be offered a position on our events and catering team. You will work at various five-star hotel locations in Central London. You will experience working events like London Fashion Week, Red Bull Racing, celebrity galas, weddings, corporate events, product launches and more!


    You can expect to work in the following hotels:

    • Berkeley
    • Claridges
    • Grosvenor Square Marriott
    • Hilton Park Lane
    • Connaught
    • Savoy & Simpsons on The Strand
    • Danubius Hotel
    • Hyatt Regency Churchill
    • Pestana Chelsea Bridge
    • more...


    You can expect to work in the following roles:

    • Corporate Events & Functions – Supervisors, Food & Beverage Staff
    • Events General Assistance – Food & Beverage Staff
    • Hotel Restaurant – Food & Beverage Staff
    • Cocktail & Canapé Events – Food & Beverage Staff
    • Chefs & Kitchen Hand
    • Events Coatroom
    • Awards Shows – Food & Beverage Staff
    • Event Set Up & Pack Down


    How will your hourly rate compare with other jobs in London?

    You will receive above the minimum wage rate (up to £8.00 p/h), which is higher than entry level admin, retail, bar and labour, nanny, call centre, telesales, entry level sales, and customer service roles. If your intention were to secure any of those roles, your best option would be to start with our job, which will ensure that you get on your feet as quickly as possible.*


    You will get:

    • A Traveller Employment Contract – unique for our travellers, you will receive a travel-friendly employment contract which allows you to work either as a casual (allowing time for other interviews and/or travel), or you can opt for a fixed-term employment contract (five days on, two days off), with an average of 50 to 70 hours per week.
    • Our Min Hour Guarantee Policy (with The Working Holiday Club™) will ensure that you receive a minimum of 30 hours pay per week if you are on a fixed-term contract. If you only work 24 hours, you will still be paid for 30 hours.


    *Although it is possible for you to obtain employment in this area by yourself, it is tough to get a high street agency to give you their loyalty and guarantee you a minimum number of hours. Most temp agencies are more concerned about having sufficient applicants available when they need them.


    Earn More From Your Hourly Rate With Us

    When you arrive in the UK, already registered for payroll, you’re able to claim up to £8,000 in relocation and living expenses on your annual tax. This includes things like your flights, accommodation, a weekly travel and more… you stand to save £8,000 – now you are getting the package for free!

    How does it work?
    • Jamie earns £10.80 per hour
    • His typical week is 50 hours
    • His standard weekly spend on expenses to get to work and so on is £70
    • His relocation cost (flights, temporary accommodation, meals) is £4,000
    • Jamie’s normal weekly take home pay would be: £372
      But by working through us his take home pay increases to £447


  • Accommodation On Jumpstart London™

    When you join the Jumpstart London™ you will gain access to shared houses across London. The house share accommodation offered consists of twin share rooms, single room and double rooms.


    Weekly Rentals Start From:


    The Jumpstart London™ pack is the only working holiday package which offers both accommodation and employment pre-departure, with the option of keeping the housing when it's time to change jobs. Take this into consideration when you're looking for a live-in pub job. With a live-in pub job, if you lose your job, you're waste your accommodation.

    Important update: Right to rent in the UK 

    Right to rent: The Working Holiday Club™ will ensure all your document correct to ensure you pass the Right to Rent check 

    You will get:

    • Travel Rental Agreement - Our exclusive contract has been carefully configured to allow you to travel and live as cheaply as possible in London. In most of our houses, you are only required to put down a two-week deposit with only one-week rent upfront and with a two week notice period you can leave to travel at short notice. On your return, you will be eligible to take up another room with us at no extra cost. You are entitled to do this as often as you like.
    • Roommate Matching Service -  Matching new arrivals together as good housemates. During the first week of being in London, you will have the opportunity to join various city walks and social events where you can meet other travellers and match yourself to the perfect roommates. During the viewing process, you will meet the other housemates to ensure that this is a good fit for you. Please be mindful that in the busy months availability is limited. However if you move into a property and wish to be moved at a later stage, this can be done for you at no extra cost.

    Top Reasons Why This Is Good

    The Working Holiday Club™ is the only working holiday agency which offers "RENT A BED" in a purpose designed shared house. You will not carry the liability and cost of a roommate departing. Our contract has been designed to allow you to travel without having to pay rent while you are away, nor do you have to find a replacement for your room. The rental contracts which we negotiate for you are classed as temporary accommodation. You are therefore eligible to offset your rent costs against your income tax, ultimately giving you a higher take-home on your pay. No one else does this! 

    If you're travelling with a friend and you want to share a room to save on rent, we recommend you do research on this. In most cases landlords will not move two single beds into a double room to accommodate for sharing. Furthermore, in most instances, should one of you move out, the other one will be liable for the entire rent or find a replacement. Plan carefully. The Jumpstart London™ offers a shared room before you leave and you get to rent beds independently. No nasty surprises. 

    Important update: As of 1 February 2016 the timelines will apply for securing your room. These are new requirements, therefore all external communications supplied will no longer be valid. Keep your eyes on your inbox for updates  

  • About Your Bank Account & National Insurance Number

    About Your UK Bank Account


    When you first arrive, opening a UK bank account can seem nearly impossible. But every day without a bank account is another day without pay. The amount and types of identification required to open a bank account has increased since June 2015. If you are just about to arrive in the UK, chances are you won't have all the necessary documents, such as a tenancy agreement or utility bills. We will get this sorted for you in your first few days. Our specialised products have been designed for working holiday makers looking to start as quickly as possible once they arrive in the UK.


    We will:

    • Complete the necessary online application for your bank account
    • Secure an appointment for you to attend, where you can show supporting documentation
    • You will use the accommodation we pre-arrange for you as your proof of residential address


    What is a National Insurance Number?


    Your UK National Insurance number is a unique personal identification number allocated to you that is used to identify you to HM Revenue & Customs and the Department of Work and Pensions. It ensures the government correctly records any contributions you need to make. Your National Insurance contributions go towards the UK social security and the state pension system. Everyone who works in any capacity in the UK will need to register for a National Insurance Number.

    • You will attend an orientation session where you will use our phone to make your online application for you NI number
    • You will use the accommodation we've arranged for you as your proof of residential address, so that you can receive your National Insurance forms by post


    If you want to do this by yourself, read this guide

  • Guarantees & References

    What Guarantees Do You Get When You Sign Up For Our UK Working Holiday Jumpstart London Pack?


    We guarantee:

    • You a job offer before you leave or your money back
    • You a minimum of 30 hours a week employment contract or your money back
    • You a 100% refund if you're not accepted for a position in the events and catering team
    • You that your job offer will be in Central London that if you're not working within seven working days of your requested start date, we will pay you £50 a day until you do start work


    Our Glasshouse Policy:

    • We will provide you with all the information about our programme before a fee is payable
    • We will publish in our employer profile page the rate of pay & cost of accommodation so that you know what you are getting
    • We will provide all the details we discussed with you by phone in writing after your consultation call
    • We can refer you to a Flight Centre store anywhere in Austalia and New Zealand for you to purchase our packages in a face-to-face environment if required for extra piece of mind


    Industry References So You Know You're In Safe Hands 


    Whistler Blackcomb Reference:

    We have partnered with TWHC for ten years now. We have worked with a few agencies over the years and now use TWHC exclusively. With honest two-way communication, the team understands our business & consistently delivers top candidates for us to meet. Extremely organised & efficient, our time is always well spent & this has proven to be the most effective way to recruit great people. The team are true professionals & I would recommend them to anyone.


    Silver Star Reference:

    Silver Star have been working with The Working Holiday Club for many years now to assist us with our hiring. It is a challenge for any company to recruit large numbers of employees season after season, however, with the assistance of The Working Holiday Club we can fill these positions with a professional, reliable, engaged employee team. We feel that The Working Holiday Club are industry leaders in recruiting employees within the ski industry. The team at The Working Holiday Club understand the needs of each resort that they partner with, offering an honest service to both employer and employee. I would have no hesitation in recommending The Working Holiday Club as a friendly, welcoming and trustworthy company to work with.


    Flight Centre Group Plc Reference:

    This email is to acknowledge that Flight Centre Travel Group and The Working Holiday Club have been working together for over five years.

    During this time we've found TWHC to be a reliable, ethical, and completely above-board organisation, and furthermore have a strong business relationship with. We strongly value the partnership between our two institutions and rely heavily on TWHC to provide our customers with an honest, and seamless customer experience.Our relationship extends across all retail brands within the Flight Centre Travel Group, including but not limited to Flight Centre, Student Flights, Escape Travel, and My Adventure Store.


  • Article to Read - How Not To Do It

    Folks, my name is Sam. Here is a little story about my travels and what I did during my first six weeks in London. Take some time, grab a cup of tea, read this story and hopefully, you'll be able to avoid some of the mistakes I made.


    Week 1 – Damage Week


    When I finally made it to London, I was super excited. First, I figured out the London Underground, and then I did a little bit of sightseeing, and finally, I had some drinks with my homies. I spent, I spent, and I spent some more…

    My living experience was interesting, I wanted to sleep on my friends couch because I was a little nervous coming over by myself. Couch surfing was fun and cheap; however, there were consequences. I got very little sleep and went to way too many parties. I ended up spending a lot of my savings joining in on the festivities of my housemates because I was asleep in the lounge. In the end, my experience with couch surfing wasn't the most comfortable. Sure, it was a lot of fun, but it did drain a lot of my funds.


    Week 2 – Recovery Week


    On Monday, my second week in London, everybody had gone back to work, and the party was over. I was left with a dreadfully messy house to clean. This was my contribution to being able to stay free. I suddenly realised that I had spent too much money way in my first week. I remembered going to the bank and seeing my statement and almost going into cardiac arrest!

    After that, I knew I had to click into gear. I was home alone during the day; everyone was working, and it dawned on me that I was unemployed. Unemployed with a hangover! I had to start interviewing again, which I haven't done in such a long time. I found a TNT Magazine under the couch, bought every newspaper that had jobs in it and started seriously looking for work. I wasn’t worried about accommodation at this stage because I was still living for free.


    Week 3 – Realisation Week


    Funny things happened in week three. I had been job hunting for almost two weeks. I must have applied for 100 jobs. I tried to register with recruitment agencies, but as soon as they found out that I didn't have a bank account or my National Insurance Number, I wasn't eligible. I had tried three different banks before I was able to open an account. They kept rejecting me because I couldn't prove that I had a place to live in London!

    I was spending a lot of money on my mobile phone, something I didn't even think about before I left home. My pay-as-you-go phone was running out of credit all the time. Probably most disappointing was the lack of feedback from my job applications. Looking back, the mistake I made was going for jobs that were paying the highest. I was so desperate to recoup the money I had spent. Looking back, I was declining entry-level jobs that were paying minimum wage, and in hindsight, I should have just taken SOMETHING to keep myself afloat.

    By this point, I had begun to look for a room to rent. My biggest setback was my lack of references. The rooms I managed to view were unsuitable for me. They were either too expensive, or the deposit asked was too much because I had no job. The ones I could afford were miles from Central London.


    Week 4, 5, 6 – Action Week


    By my fourth week in London, I started to understand what was needed to get off the ground. I was focused on applying for work, which was reasonably comfortable and would start straight away. I took a waiting position. The hourly rate wasn't very good, about £5.75 an hour, but my tips made up for it, especially over the weekend. I started to feel a lot better, even though I needed to work two weeks in arrears for pay. I finally knew money was coming. My spirits were once again lifted. I managed to find a room through one of my friends, but unfortunately, I had to borrow money from Mom and Dad for my deposit.

    I took a double room because it was the only one I could get. I paid £135 pounds a week for my room. By the time I got my wages, I was putting half off my salary towards rent. It took a while for me to find my feet and have some spare cash. Looking back, I should never have borrowed the money at the beginning of my trip to pay for my room deposits. It took me months to pay my parents back.

    My travel plans were delayed by almost the year. This was later to became the biggest regret of my working holiday. I never travelled enough – I struggled to travel because I struggled with money. In the beginning, I over-spent, and then I over-extended myself with a room that I could not afford.


    What Would I Have Done Differently, If I Could Do It Again?


    I would have arrived in London with a minimum of $5,000. I would have used the Jumpstart London service for sure. I would have opted for cheaper rent and a room share instead of my room. I would have started work straight away. I would have had money to travel!

    There's nothing worse than being that guy or that girl that's never left London. If I were to do it again, I would want to be the other person, the one with all the travelling stories. They're the one that says "No regrets". I now walk around and tell people... "Plan carefully, because some things you just will live to regret".

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is the pay rate? Casual and contract staff pay rates range from £7.28 – £8.00 per hour
    • How does my hourly rate compare with other jobs in London? You will receive above the min wage rate, higher than some entry-level reception, retail, pub, call centre/telesales. There are higher paying jobs in London for candidates with the right experience and qualifications, and our team can help you get there! Use this job to get you on your feet, and start earning money quickly. You can also use this job as a backup plan at any time throughout your stay in London.
    • Is there any other job on offer? Yes, but your success in landing another job will depend on your qualifications and experience. With our network of over 70 preferred recruitment agencies, your CV will be in the right hands. If you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of London, we have live-in positions outside of London!
    • Can I select I live? Housing options are always based on availability. Although we will accept preferences for location, room size (shared/single) and house size, these can't be guaranteed.
    • What costs are involved in my staff accommodation? £200 holding the deposit, which is then offset against your final deposit. £15 key deposit. An average shared room is £85 - £100 (per person, per week), while average rent for a single occupancy room is £100+ (per person, per week). Both are fully inclusive of all bills.
    • Can I book with my friend or partner? Yes, we will arrange a shared room for you; a double bed for couples or two singles for friends. We are also able to book larger groups. However, we cannot guarantee the entire group will be in the same house initially
    • Can I leave the job and stay in my shared house? Yes, as long as you pay your weekly rent you are still entitled to remain in your shared house.
    • Where is the accommodation located? West, South West, and East London, between Zones 2-4 (typically 20-30 mins by train to central London) and 5-10 minutes from a public transport link. Our housing is based in 3 main areas of London: South-West London (Putney, Fulham, Tooting Broadway/Tooting Bec & Wimbledon/South Wimbledon), East London (Stratford, Leyton & Leytonstone), West London (Hammersmith & Acton Town)
    • What type of venues can I expect to work at? As part of the Jumpstart program, you will be a member of a dynamic Hospitality, Catering and Events team. This team is used to supporting the events teams in various five-star hotels in central London. These hotels host large scale corporate, charity, celebrity and private events. The majority of hotels are in Zone 1, central London.
    • Do I require any previous hospitality experience? No, you will be given one full days training at a five-star hotel where you will learn everything you need to know to carry out your duties as part of the team!
    • What happens if I do not pass my job application? If you have been declined because of grooming (long hair, visible tattoo’s, facial piercings), then you can still be offered job assistance. However, we cannot provide a pre-departure job guarantee. You will receive a refund.
    • What are my options if I book and cancel due to personal reason? You do not receive a refund. However, you may either place it on hold for up to five years or find a replacement.
    • I would like to book my package with a travel Agent. Please feel free to visit any Flight Centre or Student Flight Store in New Zealand or Australia 
  • Surviving On My Wage

    Can I survive on the wages on the hospitality jobs offered on the Jumpstart London™ program?




    Jumpstart London Accommodation Cost

    • Rent starts from £85 p/w for a shared room, bills included
    • If you don't want to share a room, we have loads of single rooms available starting from as little as £100 a week
    • You get to travel rent free – a significant saving


    Jumpstart London Pay

    • £7.23 - £8.00 (event and catering in hotels)
    • We start you off on £7.23 per hour, and if you work more than 40 hours a week your wage jumps up to £8.00 per hour
    • Other jobs are on offer if you want to double-up on work to save for travelling (this is not possible if you take a live-in pub job in the English countryside)


    Jumpstart London Hours Guarantee

    • 30-70 hours per week on a fixed contract (8-12 weeks batches)
    • Most of our applicants opt to work between 50 and 70 hours per week to save for travel. 60 hours a week would be the average amount of hours our candidates choose to work @ £8 pounds an hour. (That gives you £480 pounds a week)
    • As a Jump Starter, you are also entitled to offset your weekly living expenses, rent & weekly travel, plus your relocation cost (flights) against your weekly earnings. This gives you a higher take-home than many other jobs. You cannot do this in a pub job.
    • The average take-home for 60 hours worked will be in the region of £350-£400 a week before tax


    Meals Included

    • Most hotels provide up to 3 meals per day during shifts


    Weekly travel cost

    • £40 per week
    • Your weekly travel pass will cost £40 – this will give you access to London Underground, London Overground, DLR, National Rail, London Buses & London ferries on the Thames.
    • Your weekly pass will get you anywhere in London so that you can sightsee at no cost


    Food (only required when not working)

    • £30- £50
    • For those who DO have a grocery bill, the average spend will be £30-£50 a week


    Contract Versus Casual 

    • If you choose to work as a casual/temp, you will have an extremely flexible job. You provide your availabilities weekly, letting the team know your days off and the days you are available to work. Take this option if you want to have the freedom to earn and interview for your preferred job. 
    • If you choose to work on a fixed term contract basis, you will work five days on, two days off, with the priority of shifts. Hospitality work can be very long hours with back-to-back shifts. You will earn good money and can save for travel. Most applicants who opt to contract work in peak season will make as much as £450 a week before tax. 


    Don't forget your take home rate after tax is higher when you join the Jumpstart London™. Call us to find out how

  • Contact Our Team & Make An Enquiry

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