When preparing for your working holiday, budgeting and planning is key to success. Take away the guess work and let our experts handle your visa application, leaving you free to plan the more exciting parts of your overseas adventure. Go the extra step to ensuring a successful gap year and confirm your place on our hospitlaity & catering team before leaving home.

The Hospitality Jobs & Visa Package is best suited to London bound travellers who already have accommodation arranged and want to hit the ground running! Choose from flexible casual work or fixed term exployment contracts!

You get:
  • Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa Guarantee Service
  • Guaranteed pre-departure job offers, or your money back
  • London Arrival Service
  • Personal Visa Consultant
  • Weekly social events and staff parties
  • Ongoing assistance with future employment opportunities and recruitment support

  • How Does This Pack Work?

    As soon you sign up for The Working Holiday Club™ Hospitality & UK Work Visa program, you will receive an online application form to complete. We will prepare your UK Work Visa application pack so that you're approved the first time 'round.

    • Approximately 90 days before your departure date we will submit your online application and book your biometric appointment. The biometric appointment process includes having your fingerprints and a digital photo taken before they take all of your documents for processing.
    • You will also receive an online, easy to use application form for your London job. We will place you in the Events and Catering Team to work in our five-star hotels around Central London. Once we have received your application, our employers you will assess your suitability for the program.
    • The Working Holiday Club™ exclusively recruits Australian and New Zealand applicants for this team. A Skype interview is only necessary if the employer requires a second interview. If your application is successful in the first round, you'll receive a guarantee job email from The Working Holiday Club™ detailing the position you have secured. After that you'll receive an email from your new employers, welcoming you to the team.
    • Once you have confirmed your arrival dates, you will complete The Working Holiday Club™ booking confirmation form. Our London concierge team will use this information to book you a spot for five-star hotel training. Training is offered free of charge (some agencies charge up to £150 for agency specific training).
    • A few weeks before your arrival dates you'll receive a Skype call from the London concierge service team. The purpose of your call will be to assess further your employment wish list. For example, if you want to work in admin accounts or maybe you'd rather a current nanny job... we want you to be where YOU want to be. After the Skype call our concierge service team circulate your CV before your arrival date and line up interviews for your arrival.

    This pack is specifically aimed at individuals whom do not require assistance with shared accommodation, and would like to lock in a cash-flow type job on arrival.


  • Product Inclusions

    • Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa point score and assessment (ancestral visa is an extra $100)
    • Supporting documents guide & review
    • Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa application completed on your behalf
    • Corrections, review and application approval
    • Biometric appointment booked on your behalf
    • Support from your personal licensed migration agent, 9 - 5, Monday - Friday
    • 100% Refund Policy
    • In-country Skype Interview Fair for Australian & New Zealand applicants
    • London job offers signed months before departure or your money back
    • Traveller Employment Contract – two week notice period, unique and exclusive for our applicants
    • Minimum Hour Guarantee Policy from The Working Holiday Club™
    • 100% Refund Policy Guarantee
    • £50 A Day Job Guarantee Insurance, in case of a delay in your start date
    • UK bank account guaranteed
    • Fee Free Money Transfer
    • National Insurance Number
    • Arrival info, parties & the City Walking Tour
    • Free Pub Crawl
    • Discount £150 for live-in pub placement
    • 24 months of ongoing job placements
  • Employment Options In London

    When you join the Hospitality & UK Work Visa Pack, you will be offered a full-time position in our events and catering team. You will work at various five-star hotel locations in central London. You'll experience working at events like London Fashion Week, Red Bull racing, celebrity events, celebrity weddings, corporate product launches and more.

    You can expect to work in the following hotel's event & function room's.

    • Berkeley
    • Claridges
    • Grosvenor Square Marriott
    • Hilton Park Lane
    • Connaught
    • Savoy & Simpsons in The Strand
    • Danubius Hotel
    • Hyatt Regency Churchill
    • Pestana Chelsea Bridge

    You can expect to work in the following roles.

    • Corporate events & functions support - Supervisors & leading hands
    • Events general assistance - Food & Beverage
    • Hotel restaurant waiting
    • Cocktail and event bar - celebrity afterparty and wedding
    • Chefs & Kitchen Hand
    • Events cloakroom - celebrity afterparty and wedding
    • Awards shows Bar & Waiting
    • Event set up & clean up grew

    How does my hourly rate compare with other jobs in London? You will receive above the minimum wage rate (up to £8.00 p/h) – higher than entry level admin, retail, bar and labour, nanny, call centre, telesales, entry level sales, and customer service roles. If your intention was to secure any of those roles, your best option would be to start with our job, which will ensure you get on your feet quickly.*

    You will get:

    • Traveller Employment Contract – Unique for our travellers, you will receive a travel friendly employment contract which allows you to work either as a casual (allowing time for other interviews and/or travel), or you can opt for three month contracts (five days on, two days off), with an average of 50 - 70 hours per week.
    • Min Hour Guarantee Policy with The Working Holiday Club™: Our minimum hours guarantee contract will ensure you receive a minimum of 30 hours pay per week. In the event that you only work 24 hours, you will still be paid for 30 hours.

    *Although it is possible for you to obtain employment in this area by yourself, it is very difficult to get a High Street Agency to give you their loyalty and guarantee you minimum hours.


    Earn More From Your Hourly Rate With Us

    When you arrive in the UK, already registered for payrole, you’re able to claim up to £8,000 in relocation and living expenses on your weekly tax. This includes things like your flights, accommodation, weekly travel and more. You stand to save £8,000 – with that, it's like you're getting the package for free!

    How does it work?

    • Jamie earns £10.80 per hour
    • His standard week is 50 hours
    • His typical weekly spend on expenses to get to work, and so on, is £70
    • His relocation cost (flights, temporary accommodation, meals) is £4,000
    • Jamie’s normal weekly take home pay would be: £372
    • But by working through us his take home pay has increased to: £447 
  • Eligibility Requirements

    • You must be between the ages of 18 - 31
    • Hold a passport from Australia, New Zealand or Canada
    • Have the equivalent of £1,850 in available funds (please note that this BHC fee does not include the ‘Entry Clearance’ Fee which is payable directly to the British High Commission once your application is complete and ready to submit)
    • You must have a clear criminal record for a minimum of one year 
    • No visible tattoos when wearing long sleeve shirts, skirts and trousers
    • Be willing to work hospitality hours (often includes night shifts and weekend)
    • Must have two solid references from previous employers, a school doctor or another reputable individual
  • About Your UK Work Visa

    • The whole process starts with filling out our online application form and uploading your supporting documents. Our licensed working holiday visa migration consultant will work with you on a one-to-one basis, making sure all of your supporting documents are 100% correct, which will guarantee you get your visa the first time you apply. As part of the application process, we will help you pick the start date for when your visa will begin. Keep in mind that this date must be within three months of when you complete your application.
    • Once completed we will book your biometric appointment. This appointment is required by the government and is where they collect a copy of your finger prints, which will be used when arriving in the UK on your visa. You’ll be asked to give (usually one finger) to them when being processed by customs. The entire appointment takes all of about 30 - 45 minutes (be there 15 minutes early) and you will need to bring you supporting documentation. Before you attend your biometric appointment, you’ll need to pay the Immigration Healthcare Surcharge (IHS), if applicable to you (if you are from Australia or New Zealand there will be no fee).

    You get:

    • Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa point score and assessment
    • Supporting documents guide & review
    • Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa application completed on your behalf
    • Corrections, review and application approval
    • Biometric appointment booked on your behalf
    • Support from your personal licensed migration agent, 9 - 5, Monday - Friday
    • 100% Refund Policy applies 
    • We will also assist you in obtaining your IHS reference number
    • We will help you with a UK address where you can collect you biometric card


  • Who Best Suits This Pack?

    • The Gap Year Student – This pack is perfect for a gap year student or a school leaver with limited or no work experience. Full training is provided with ongoing support to help you enter the workforce and generate work experience for your CV, helping you to edge forward in future career opportunities
    • The Frequent Traveller – This pack is an awesome assistance package for the frequent traveller. Frequent travellers often experience cash flow problems after they have returned to London. It secures you a job and guarantees dollars, quickly!
    • The Cash-Strapped Traveller – This pack is an awesome assistance package for the cash-strapped traveller.  When you join the programme you have immediate cash flow on arrival. So if you are arriving with limited funds, use this pack to ensure you keep your funds for travelling. If you would prefer to have no expenses at all check out the Adventure Resort Pack. 
    • The Career Break – The career break applicant is potentially the largest in the funnel of our applicants, as it is an excellent opportunity to take a break from your ordinary life and experience Europe for as little as £60.
    • Event management careers & students – This is the ultimate introduction to the worlds most famous and elite event management companies for future employment opportunities. When you join the Events and Catering Team, you will work at various five-star hotel locations in Central London. Although these events take part in the five-star hotel's function room, the events in most cases are managed by event companies.You will experience first-hand events like London Fashion Week, Red Bull events, celebrity events, weddings, movie premiers, blue chip corporate product launches, etc. Event career applicants well receive job offers from the event companies once you have worked for us for a few weeks.
  • Bank Account & NI Number

    About Your UK Bank Account

    Opening a UK bank account can seem nearly impossible when you first arrive. But as they say, every day without a bank account is another day without pay. The amount and types of identification required to open a bank account have increased since June 2015. If you are just about to arrive in the UK, chances are you won't have the necessary documents you need, such as a tenancy agreement or utility bills. We will get this sorted for you in your first few days. Our specialised products have been designed for working holiday makers looking to start as quickly as possible one they arrive in the UK.

    We will:

    • Do an online application for your new bank account
    • Secure an appointment for you to attend, where you can show supporting documentation
    • You will use the accommodation arranged for you before arrival as your proof of residential address

    What Is A National Insurance Number?

    Your UK National Insurance number is a unique personal identification number allocated to you, used to identify you to HM Revenue & Customs and the Department of Work and Pensions. It ensures the Government correctly records any contributions you are entitled to or any taxes that you might need to pay to the government. Your National Insurance contributions go towards the UK social security and the state pension system. Everyone who works in any capacity in the UK will need to register for a National Insurance Number.

    • You will attend an orientation session where you can use our equipment and fill out your online application for your NI
    • You will use the accommodation arranged for you before arrival as your proof of residential address so that you can receive your National Insurance forms by post




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