Want to live & work overseas? Struggling to get the funds together to make your dream possible? Well here's the solution. What if you could go overseas, live and work in a job were rent, food, travel and uniforms are inclusive? Our Adventure Resort program is packed with "Make My Working Holiday Easy" inclusions, and everything is locked in before you leave home!

The Adventure Resort pack is designed for anyone who wants to work and travel on a budget. 

You get:

  • Job offers within days off applying
  • On-site staff accommodation at no cost
  • All your meals free of charge
  • Uniforms provided free
  • Great outdoor adventure jobs
  • Start anytime between Feb - Nov
  • Earn beween £101-£275 per week  


  • What Is An Adventure Resort?

    Create memories to last a lifetime !

    So you're thinking of a working holiday and you dont want to clone your 9-5 boring office jobs? Then you need to read this. The Working Holiday Club™ is offering you the opportunity to join other international gap year students and work at an exciting adventure resort 


    Adventure resort jobs are like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Working as activity guide , or even behind the scenes as a support staff you’ll create memories to last a lifetime.


    Days at our resorts are packed with lost of adventure activities and you will experience a true sense of "escape the boredom" of your 9-5 life. With 250 staff members at the resort you are guaranteed to have the best working holiday jobs coupled with fun fun fun. 


    You’ll be joining staff from Wester Europe, Easterm Europe, Canada more. You’ll be thrown into an enormous variety of cultures and come out the other side with friends from around the world, which we guarantee will come in handy for future travels. Not only will you make loads of friends, but you’ll have an experience to wow any future employer - from leading teams to working under pressure, you’ll come away from our adventure resorts with more relevant experiences than you’ll be able to talk about in a single interview. Working abroad always impresses employers.


    We now have jobs available across our 28 activity centres throughout the UK, France and Spain.


    We have vacancies for retail jobs, sports instructors, housekeeping jobs, catering jobs, language jobs and many more! You’ll be working in a friendly, supportive and welcoming environment, which is a million miles away from the traditional suit-and-boot nine-to-five working day.


    Activities at our adventure resort include:

    • Archery
    • Beach Walks
    • Indoor Climbing
    • Climbing Tower
    • Dragon Boat Racing
    • Fencing
    • Giant Swing
    • Hiking
    • Jacob’s Ladder
    • Kayaking
    • Low Ropes Course
    • Mountain Biking
    • Orienteering
    • Problem Solving
    • Quad Biking
    • Raft Building
    • Rifle Shooting
    • Sailing
    • Sensory Trailing
    • Street Surf
    • Team Games
    • Trampolining
    • Trapeze
    • Tunnel Trail
    • Zip-lining
    • more..
  • Product Inclusions


    • UK work visa application service
    • Job application & supporting documents
    • Guaranteed job offer months ahead
    • Full refund if your applications are rejected
    • Free training for adventure guide jobs
    • Free meals while employed
    • Free accommodation while employed
    • Free uniforms
    • Free ongoing resort placements after travelling
    • EU passport holders can work in our EU Resorts
    • Paid holidays
    • UK bank account
    • National Insurance Number
    • Regular staff social events
    Activities at our Adventure Resorts include:
    Archery, mountain biking, kayaking, raft building, quad biking, horse riding, rifle shooting, sailing, surfing, trapeze, zip-lining, and much more… 
    • Season: April – September
    • Start dates: Anytime between April – September
    • Commitment: Minimum three months
    • Number of resorts: 28
    • Locations: UK wide & Europe
    • Meals: Free
    • Accommodation: Free
    • Wage: £101-£275 per week
  • Employment At An Adventure Resort

    There are many different roles you can take at a UK Adventure Resort. The main positions include:


    Activity Instructors 

    The Instructors are the heart and soul of an activity camp, as you will have the most interaction with the kids and families. Instructors will introduce people to new activities and experiences as well as be in charge of organising and participating in evening entertainment.

    This is the most favorite job we recruit for and is perfect for you if you love nothing more than being active, meeting new people and spending time outside in the great outdoors!

    You’ll need energy; you’ll need enthusiasm and you can expect to be doing fun stuff like...

    • High rope courses
    • Horse riding
    • Quad biking
    • Caving
    • Kayaking and canoeing
    • Abseiling
    • Archery
    • Aeroball
    • Mountain biking
    • Zip-lining
    • And so much more!


    Catering Team

    An army marches on its stomach – and the same has to be said for our staff and guests. With energy zapping, action-packed days, it’s vital that we serve up tasty, satisfying and nutritious meals. Across our centres, Catering Teams serve up more than 30,000 meals a day!

    Working in catering provides great camaraderie, the ability to learn from others and the chance to progress quickly up the career ladder. We’ve got roles such as catering assistants, managers, and chefs - not to mention the font of house roles that are essential to the whole catering operation!



    If you are looking for variety, then a job within the administration will give you that. Supporting the centre management in a range of administration activities such as logistics, equipment and supplier management. Administration positions require you to be well organised, efficient with good communication skills.


    House Keeping Staff

    The housekeeping team prepare and maintain the accommodation and communal areas. The presentation of the residential environment is crucial to making a lasting impression on the clients at the outdoor centre. No experience is necessary for the housekeeping staff as you will receive training when you arrive at camp.

    Other roles might involve running the snack shop within the centre, bar work or assisting in the kitchens. For face to face client work such as the bar, previous customer experience is required.


    Retail Team

    Joining the retail team is an excellent way to pursue a career in retail and gain valuable experience while having all of the benefits of the active camp lifestyle. The centre shops and bars are a hive of activity with excited kids wanting to spend their pocket money on branded gifts and sweets for an extra energy boost.

    The on centre bars are the main hub for staff to relax after a busy day at work. You’ll get the opportunity to meet plenty of new people and help plan and run evening entertainment and team building activities for the staff of your centre.

  • Accommodation & Food

    When you are offered a position to work in one of our Adventure Resorts, you will be offered on-site shared accommodation, free of charge! Yes, that's right... you don't pay rent! What a great way to start your working holiday!


    Living and working on site certainly has its perks. For starters, there’s no need to get up too early as the commute to work is usually in the region of 30 seconds to five minutes. However, the actual benefits of living on the site go far beyond this. They're a real community spirit and a fantastic sense of camaraderie amongst the staff team. Living onsite gives you the opportunity to socialise with your work colleagues and enjoy the centre’s facilities.

    • Staff Accommodation cost: Free
    • Type of room: Depending on the time of year that you arrive, your accommodation may be indoors, such as shared house, wooden cabin or chalet, or could be a shared large frame tent during the hot summer months.
    • Extras provided free of charge: Bedding, TV and a small kitchenette for tea and toast
    • Food: You will receive three free meals per day 


    Staff Facilities

    • Use of the swimming pool (available to limited properties)
    • Laundrette
    • On-site bar and large shop
    • Dry ski slope and purpose built lake
    • Free Wi-Fi in communal areas
    • Heated indoor swimming pool
    • Sports barn and activity barn with indoor climbing wall
    • Football pitch and playing fields
    • The Crazy Moose and Mini Moose on-site bars
    • Laundry facilities
    • Wi-Fi available for staff in communal areas
    • Day trips
    • Use of all the adventure facilities
    • Weekends & free time

    Make the most of your free time by exploring your local area or heading off to soak up the sites in popular tourist spots such as Bath, London and Cornwall! Camp staff may also use the activity equipment in their spare time when guests are not using it. This can mean surfing, sailing and biking. Take time to hang out with other camp staff at the camp bar and practice your karaoke. The majority of the staff accommodation is in shared rooms with either an en-suite or shared bathroom.

  • Employer Profiles - Where Can You Work?

    Our Adventure Resort locations offer a larger variety of centres than any other company in our industry.

    We have larger centres with vibrant social scenes; small, quieter centres in rural areas; paddling-specialist centres; centres situated in areas rich with water sports, climbing and mountain biking opportunities; and centres on the outskirts of towns and cities.

    With over 28 locations across England, Wales, Scotland and Europe you are sure to find a location to suit you.

    Applicants with a European or English Passports also have the option of places in Paris, South of France and Spain.

    Our Adventure Resorts are mostly located in South England coastal areas with warmer temperatures. You are welcome to move between centres so you get to see the best the UK has to offer. 

  • Top Reasons Why This Program Is The No. 1 Working Holiday Pack

    Guaranteed Spots In The Adventure Resort

    Our Adventure Resort program is extremely popular. With only 2500 positions each year, the Adventure Resort program receives over 10,000 applications. The average international applicant will not receive a response from the HR department. However, by booking through us, you are guaranteed to get a spot within 48 hours of submission. The Working Holiday Club™ is an official international provider of working holiday makers for the world's largest adventure resorts.


    Save For Travelling

    Wages start from £101 - £275 per week, in hand with food, rent, uniforms and communication for free. It is simply the most efficient way to save for travelling. 


    Price Point

    The Working Holiday Club™ offers the most cost-effective package for adventure resort employment. Some of our competitors charge as much as $3000 for an adventure resort job. Our package is only $995.

    • You are free to choose your flights
    • you are free to choose your travel insurance
    • there is no penalty when you do not book travel insurance


    Safety And Security

    With the large management support team and on-site HR team, you are sure to be looked after if anything goes amiss. Whether you have a personal issue or work issue, you have a no shortage of managers and team leaders ready to help you.  


    Flight Price Beat 

    We will introduce you to our travel partners at the Flight Centre Group. Once you have found the cheapest flight online for your travel dates, our partners will beat that price for you. You cannot go wrong.


    Staff Parties And Social Events

    One of the biggest reasons people book this package is for the social aspect. With some centres housing up to 250 employees, it goes without saying... social events come in abundance. Most centres sport staff bars, heated swimming pools and subsidised drinks for downtime.


    Free Food, Free Rent, No Travel, No Expenses

    When you work in one of our adventure resorts, you will have no expenses during the period of employment. This is also an excellent start for a working holiday as you do not need to pay any deposits for accommodation; you have no rental costs, no food costs and all your uniforms are provided. When you are required to travel to different centres, all costs are covered by the resort.

    If you want to go travelling to the UK, but you are concerned about cash flow and are looking for an opportunity to get started without any costs, and then this is the perfect solution for you. It is also an excellent solution for when you return from your travels and you require immediate job placement, with food and accommodation included. You will receive three meals per day, as well as free coffee, toast and cereal throughout the centre.


    Freedom To Travel As Often As You Like Between All The Centres

    With over 28 centre locations you are eligible to travel between centres as often as you like. Each centre is cloned, with the same look and feel of all the activities, as well as the jobs, so you can quickly settle into a new centre without any difficulties. 


    EU & UK Passport Holders Will Receive Pre-Departure Offers In Paris, South Of France, Spain & Italy

    This is one of our most popular packages for individuals with EU or UK passport, as you will have committed to working in one of our European adventure resort centres. These beautiful locations are situated in the south of France, Paris and Spain.

    Living on the site gives you the opportunity to use the centre's facilities, including certain equipment. Most people get super excited about the opportunity to spend their time using the facilities at the centre. These include quad biking, horse riding, archery shooting and much more.  

  • Who Best Suits?

    Who is this package good for?

    • The Gap Year Student – This package is perfect for a gap year or a school-leaver with limited or no work experience. The adventure resort employment working holiday package focuses very heavily on training young gap year students to enter the employment market. The training and experience are based on customer service, relationship building, management, administration and hotel management. Once you have completed your working holiday at the camp, you will be furnished with a range of skills you can take on to future employment, including industry standard qualification certificates and references.
    • The Frequent Traveller – This package is an awesome assistance package for the frequent traveller. Frequent travellers often experience cash flow problems after they have returned home. The adventure resort employment offers frequent travellers 24 months of endless employment opportunities throughout England and Europe. For the returning traveller with depleted funds, the idea of free accommodation, three free meals a day and guaranteed work is an appealing one.
    • The Cash-Strapped Traveller – This package is an awesome assistance package for the cash-strapped traveller. When you join the Adventure Resort Program, you will not have any additional expenses other than your flights and your UK working visa to BHC. Everything else is paid for, including your room deposit, your weekly room rental, your bedding, your food, all travel and your uniforms.
      You would also benefit from staff bars and social events which are housed on-site at subsidised prices. All your wages go into your pocket, so if you're looking to arrive in the UK and you're concerned about cash then jump on the Adventure Resort Program, replenish your funds and then start planning your next travel.
    • The Career Break – The career break applicant is potentially the largest in the funnel of our applicants, as it is a great opportunity to take a break from your ordinary life, experience an adventure, and get paid to do it.


  • Qualification Criteria

    • You must be between the ages of 18 – 31
    • Hold a passport from Australia, New Zealand or Canada
    • Have the equivalent of £1,800 in available funds – please note that this fee does not include the ‘Entry Clearance’ fee which is payable directly to the British High Commission once your application is complete and ready to submit
    • You must have clear criminal record
    • Have two solid references from previous employers, a school doctor or any other reputable individual
    • And most importantly, you must want to work with kids – previous experience working with young adults is an advantage, but not a requirement
  • Application Process

    What Happens Before I Leave?

    • Step 1: To start your application & secure your spot in our Adventure Resort program a $300 deposit is required
    • Step 2: Complete a job application and upload a current CV/resume, and a profile picture with two references
    • Step 3: Skype Interview
    • Step 4: Receive an offer or a refund if declined*
    • Step 5: Apply for your UK work visa and police check certificate
    • Step 6: Confirm you arrival dates and book airport transfers if required
    • Step 7: A few weeks before your arrival date our London concierge team call you for your "bon voyage" Skype call. The concierge will review your arrival details and provide you with travel instructions to begin your new adventure!

    What Happens When I Arrive?

    • Day 1: Arriving in London – touchdown! Head straight to your hostel to check-in, drop your luggage, catch up on some sleep... or, head out to explore London
    • Day 2: Orientation – During orientation, our UK program coordinator will help you get all of your essentials set up (i.e., bank account, NI number, phone sim card)
    • Day 3 & 4: Settle in – you will need these days to finalise everything in London (get over the jet lag, set up your bank account, get your NI number and pick up your Biometrics Residence Permit) before you head off to camp
    • You will finish off the week with our free walking tour of London, as well as an epic trip on Central London's biggest pub crawl in Leicester Square
    • Day 5: Today's the day you set off to your Adventure Resort – you will need to make your way to your centre or training venue, depending on which you need to go to first.
    • If you are traveling by public transport, you will need to get yourself to the closest coach, bus or train to the destination and we will send someone to collect you
    • Adventure guides will need to complete a 10-day equipment OHS training – all expenses will be covered, including travel, food, and rent


    When you arrive at your resort location for training, you will be picked up by a resort staff member. On completion of your training (should you opt for an Adventure Guide role) you will again be transported, free of charge, to your Adventure Resort to start your contract.


    *A refund is payable if you are declined for an Adventure Resort position. If you are declined as a direct result of misleading or false information on your application, no refund will be offered. You are permitted to swap to the Jumpstart London™ program at no extra cost.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    • Does the Adventure Resort Package require me to arrive in the UK at a specific time of the year? Our season lasts from mid-January until November, with some centres operational for shorter periods of this time. If you are available throughout this length of time, we can offer you work at more than one of our centres. You can apply to work for the whole season or a short term contract.
    • Will I be offered a minimum amount of hours? All positions are based on 42-hour, six day a week jobs. Depending on your role, you may be expected to complete wake-up duties, breakfasts in the kitchen, or evening entertainment, but it is rare that you will be required to start work at 8 am (with the exception of the catering team on breakfast shifts) or work later than 9 pm.
    • What is the pay rate? You will be offered a competitive wage, paid monthly, into your UK bank account. The amount you receive will depend on your job role, National Governing Body coaching/ personal competency qualifications, whether you are employed in a residential role, and whether you work full or part time. You will have all of your meals and accommodation paid for and you could earn anything between £100.00-£275.00 a week, after tax.
    • Can I book with my friend or partner? On your application form, there is a space for you to say if you are applying with a friend. If you write their name on your form, we will do our best to make sure you are both placed at the same centre. You will both need to write each other's full name on the form so that we know you both feel the same way.
    • Can I take time off? All staff are entitled to paid holiday throughout the duration of their contract. Some choose to save this up and take blocks of time off (up to two weeks) while others will tend to take a few days off here and there. Please remember that holidays are granted subject to operational requirements.
      As well as the holiday you receive, you are also able to accrue time off, giving you more opportunity to enjoy onsite activities and the surrounding areas.
      The centres provide excellent opportunities for things to do with your time off. Whether you are looking to chill out or do something a bit more extreme, you should be able to find what you are looking for.
    • Do I require any previous experience? No, energy and enthusiasm are the most important qualities. Providing you have some previous experience in the area where you want to work, we can put you through training courses to gain the necessary qualifications. If you do not have the necessary experience to the role you are applying for we will aim to offer you a more suitable role.
  • Enquiry & Contact UK Support Team

  • Program Time Table - Best Time To Arrive

    Seasons: February to November

    Available start dates: You can arrive any time between February and November

    Activity Instructor/Group Leader jobs all begin with an in-house training course, dates for these are fixed in advanced. The last one of these for the summer begins 21st June so as along as any applicant can attend these they can work as an activity instructor for the summer. After this, the next course will be early September and this course is likely to be the last one for the 2016 season.

    We always have non-activity roles available, and they run throughout the year, so anyone can join anytime however if you want to work for  July as an activity instructor they will have to work in non-activity roles for July and August and then attend September course.

    Seasons Weather Overview

    • Spring is the period from March to May. Spring is a calm, cool and dry season, particularly because the Atlantic has lost much of its heat throughout the autumn and winter.
    • Summer lasts from June to August. Summer is the warmest and usually the sunniest season. Rainfall totals can have a wide local variation due to localised thunderstorms.
    • Autumn in the United Kingdom lasts from September to November
    • The season is notorious for being unsettled – as cool polar air moves south, following the sun, it meets the warm air of the tropics and produces a region of great disturbance (aka the UK).
    • Winter in the UK lasts from December to February
    • The season is cool, wet and windy. Temperatures at night rarely drop below −10 °C (14 °F) and in the day rarely rise above 15 °C (59 °F). Precipitation is plentiful throughout the season though snow is relatively infrequent despite the country's high latitude.

    When should you book 

    The Working Holiday Club™ have a set number of spots each month. The sooner you book with us, the better match your preferences will be from your application. May - September usually very full. The earlier you book, the larger the location options will be. 




Don't wait too long, spots are limited.
Check the program timetable for open spots     


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