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We know that choosing to do overseas working holiday can be very daunting for some. With so much information on the web, it easy to get confused. This page is full of useful information about doing it all by yourself, choosing and agency and only just getting more information to see if a working holiday will be right for you.

Do I need to use The Working Holiday Club™ to help me? This is a very important part of your decision. We urge you to take special care in making the decisions that work for you because if you arrive in London and hindsight you feel that you should've done this on your own, you'll feel discontent towards us. Please do not choose any of our programs if you feel you can do this on your own.
The objectives and inclusions of our working holiday programs are specifically designed to look after individuals who are less confident to deal with matters of employment, accommodation, the fear of travelling on their own, etc. 
If you simply need to guidance on setting yourself up in London check out the links below.
Some useful information to look at doing it all yourself.... Because you can! 
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Finding the right working holiday agency 
So, here's what should you ask a company before you sign up with them:
  • What is included in the price? Best practice is to get it in writing before you sign up 
  • Ask for the T&C and get someone to double check the company.
  • Request details for the placements – location, pay rate, accommodation pricing and length of the contract that they can source for you.
  • What are the refund policies?
  • What exactly is guaranteed?
  • Best practice for an agency is to advertise detail on their website site – things like job description & pay rate, Offical Employer Profile and Full Package Price & Inclusions.
Some do's and don't:
  • Always work with a recognised agency that can show substantial evidence of delivery, as well as success stories.
  • Avoid any company that asks you to pay up-front for anything, until you have been the clear understanding of what you're signing up for.
  • Stay clear of businesses that do not display I'm ethical practices. Always do your research online. Not every company is a scam, but you might end up overpaying if you don't do your research. 
  • Check if the agency you work with partners with reputable travel organisations where you can obtain a reference to ethical behaviour.
  • Check the agency is partnered in an official capacity with reputable overseas employers.
  • When searching the web look for media releases (ABC News, CBN News, Fair Trading Reports)  about the agency you're researching – blog posts are typically travellers who have failed at travelling (or perhaps they were just not ready) and are disgruntled. These blogs are very common – don't pay to much attention to them. However, if you see a serious issue where the program did not exist at all, take heed.
  • Use Scamwatch websites to locate news about the agency.
  • DO NOT believe everything you are told by a sales person. Write down what you think sounds strange and ring other organisations to check the validity of a claim. A typical example is "The UK working visas are running out!" That, my friends, is a false statement – don't rush, because on average only 50% of the annual quota are used.
To avoid making common mistakes
  • Don't rush into signing contracts and handing over your credit card details.
  • Be mindful of a bundle price – ask for a breakdown of the package to avoid over-paying. Buy what you need, not what you're have been sold.
  • Ask if there are penalties if you want to choose your flights and travel insurance – it's not legal in some states & countries.
  • Be on the lookout for companies that continuously change company names, Deposits are lost, and there is nothing you can do.
  • Do some research on current costs like accommodation. For example, if you are offered a single room at £40 in Cental London you are most definitely being mislead. 
  • Check the agency has a support program for your arrival to the country, to avoid being stranded.
Here is some advice from Fair Trading:
When planning your holiday or just buying a plane ticket, follow these tips:
  • Shop around for the best price, and if you use a travel agent, ensure that they are licensed.
  • Before paying a deposit, check if it is refundable and under what circumstances you can get your money back, and what the cancellation charges are if your plans change. Once you pay a deposit, it does not mean that the price of your trip will be fixed. If prices increase, you may need to pay the increase.
  • Find out if there are additional costs such as visa fees.
  • Confirm the details of your trip such as accommodation, location, departure/arrival times, tours, meals, transfers, passport or visa requirements, any vaccination requirements or special conditions of the trip.
  • It is wise to buy travel insurance, which will cover you for the loss of deposit or cancellation fees, medical expenses, loss or theft of baggage and travel documents. Shop around, as not all insurers offer the same coverage.
  • If you pay by credit card, you may be able to claim a chargeback (or reverse payment) from your card provider, in the case did not receive the services that you paid for.
  • Keep all the receipts and travel details, and if you have a problem with your trip or travel agent, contact Fair Trading for help and advice. 
Feedback we have about our Jumpstart London Pack that some clients wish they had known more about. 
  • Because we have a constant flow of new housemates viewing, the property managers are often taking photos and visiting the houses.
  • If you are constantly late for work, you get fined. 
  • If you damage the properties, and your parties result in complaints from the local council or neighbours, you will get evicted. You would not be placed into another house again if you were on of the culprits
  • If you book with a friend and your, not in the same room or house, you will be moved in together with the next available room that will suit the two of you. Please be flexible 
  • Your lease contract is usually only two weeks, so if you don't like the house, stay in the house for a few weeks and get your deposit back. If you don't move in you, lose you holding deposit.
  • If you don't view your accommodation on the days book for you, people on waiting list (often returning guests from holiday) will take the room, you will then have to book more hostel accommodation and wait for the new list
  • If you don't pay your holding deposit you will be one of those on the waiting list, but not long, usually only a few days
  • We send out reminder emails to you to request outstanding booking forms to confirm you arrival dates, so check you junk box for an email from us. We don't call you.  If you arrive without completing your booking form, you will be in a hostel for a week or so longer as we prepare for you.
  • Rental terms are negotiable if you like the room, but the terms don't work for you, you can speak to the team to negotiate it for you.
  • You should bring over some saving with you for travelling. We recommend travelling with $5000 

TOP TIP: When you're looking for reviews, check the dates – reviews posted before 2013 are very out-dated. Most businesses do make changes based on customer feedback. 

Travel Insurance
  • Buy travel insurance that suits your individual circumstances and travel plans, and shop around for the best policy. Remember that the cheapest plan may not be the one that meets your needs
  • Make sure you have read and understood the Product Disclosure Statement before buying your policy. Be aware of your policy’s inclusions and exclusions, in particular how it deals with pre-existing illnesses
  • Make sure your insurer covers you for the things you plan to do. Dangerous or extreme activities, such as snowboarding, skiing, surfing, rock climbing, kite surfing, hunting, bungee jumping, motorbikes and scuba diving, may not be covered by your insurer or may require an additional premium
  • Cover for personal belongings and luggage is limited to a specified amount. Consider additional insurance for expensive items such as jewellery, laptops or camera equipment. Maximise your cover by buying, at least, two weeks before your trip
  • If you intend to hire cars, motorcycles, jet skis or any other motorised vehicle, talk to your travel insurer to check if your insurance policy covers it.  Seek advice on any restrictions that may apply
  • Don’t ignore government warnings.Your policy may not cover claims made in countries where the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade recommends against travel
Get involved and get references
Here are few travel blogs our part participants have created. You're welcome to contact them directly and ask for a reference:
And, some testimonial videos you might like to look at:
If you would like to go into a travel agency to ask about our products and services, go here:
United Kingdome 
The Working Holiday Club™ Official Preferred Supplier in Flight Centre Plc brands globally through service excellence.
Industry References, So You Know You're In Safe Hands:
  • Whistler Blackcomb Reference: We have partnered with TWHC for ten years now. We have worked with a few agencies over the years and now use TWHC exclusively. With honest two-way communication, the team understands our business & consistently delivers top candidates for us to meet. They're extremely organised & efficient – our time is always well spent & this has proven to be the most effective way to recruit great people. The team are true professionals & I would recommend them to anyone.
  • Silver Star Reference: Silver Star have been working with The Working Holiday Club™ for many years now. It is a challenge for any company to recruit large numbers of employees, season after season – however, with the assistance of The Working Holiday Club™ we can fill these positions with a professional, reliable and engaged employee team. We feel that The Working Holiday Club™ are industry leaders in recruiting employees within the ski industry. The team at The Working Holiday Club™ understand the needs of each resort that they partner with, offering an honest service to both employer and employee. I would have no hesitation in recommending The Working Holiday Club™ as a friendly, welcoming and trustworthy company to work with.
  • Flight Centre Group Plc Reference: This email is to acknowledge that Flight Centre Travel Group and The Working Holiday Club have been working together for over five years. During this time we've found TWHC to be a reliable, ethical, and completely above-board organisation, and furthermore have a strong business relationship with. We strongly value the partnership between our two organisations and rely heavily on TWHC to provide our customers with an honest, and seamless, customer experience. Our relationship extends across all retail brands within the Flight Centre Travel Group, including, but not limited to, Flight Centre, Student Flights, Escape Travel, and My Adventure Store.
How to book and bundle your travel items cost effectively
Our fans have asked us to write a post to offer advice on the all-in-one working holiday packages found online versus the option building your working holiday packs using multiple providers ( flights, visa, jobs and travel insurance)
A “travel bundle" refers to a suite of services combined for the purpose of a working holiday. This is usually made available by purchasing a ready made off the shelf pack. Usually, the all-in-one pack will be priced at the higher rate, and the price will be fixed through the year.
Build your travel bundle is when you use multiple providers at various stages of planning your working holiday. Usually, you will take advantage of flash sales and plan to travel around season trends to make the cheapest available bundle for yourself.
  • The essentials included in a working holiday bundles usually include; flights, a working holiday opportunity (jobs), bank accounts and other legal stuff to allow one to work and travel for the length of the visa granted.
  • All-in-one working holiday packs is fixed at a price all year round and ranges between $6,000 to $15,000. Building it yourself will cost much less. You could shave up to 50% off the all-in-one pack by doing it yourself, but you can't be lazy…you will need to do some the work yourself.
  • A Typical example of a company offering an all-in-one pack would be Global Work And Travel. The Working Holiday Club™ prefer clients to build their package using Flight Centre Group to offer price beat for flights and travel insurance. Make a few calls and-and 
What should you consider before opting into and all-in-one working holiday travel deal instead of doing your pack?
  • All-in-one packages include flight which are fixed at the same all year round. Positive: This means no matter what time of the year you book you will aways pay the same price for the package so you an plan and budget for it. Negative: You will miss out on opportunities to reserve half price tickets during Flight Centre Flash Sales, Travel Expo ext. Nor do you have the freedom shop around and get "beat price deals" and Black Market Flights from Student Flights.
  • Buying at the right time: The only ones who benefit from a fixed price bundle packs are the ones who put them together. The cost of flights and accommodation fluctuation are based on season trends and a multitude of economic factors. In low season flights are reduced, however, when you sign up for pre-set priced bundle you lose the option to take advantage of such moments.
  • When could you be paying above market rate for flights?: Evidence shows that flight included pre-set bundle packages are set and maximum price. (in some cases as much as $1000- $2000 over market rate especially for low season travel dates) This maximum rate is set by the travel agents offering the all-in-one pack to avoid undercharging travellers at the time of travel. In a nutshell, if you buy this an all-in-one package you will alway be overpaying of your flight. It merely seems to be how that model works. It is not a scam it's just a model used to bundle all your travel items into one deal with travel concierge service to book everything on your behalf.
  • Is travel insurance essential? Not for every country. Again perhaps an overkill on your wallet. It is imperative before to do your research before buying travel insurance. A good example would be; travel insurance for a Canadian working holiday is much is much more critical then a travel insurance for a person working hotel in London. All-in-one packs do not to take this into consideration. Once again you may potentially be overpaying. Did you know, in the UK your National Insurance Number number covers you for all medical needs, were as Canada and the USA does not. 
Here are our recommendations to build your cost effective working holiday travel bundle.
  • Flights: Got to Flight Centre & Student Flights: Make use of price beat
  • Working Visa: Use a trusted licensed migration #1466289. The Working Holiday Club™ is exclusive and preferred agent supporting over 5000 travel agents around the world with the customers visas. Cheap is not alway the careful of websites offering working visas services for prices which seem way to low. Research and compare prices, the usual cost, is between $199 - $245. Keep in between these prices to avoid internet scams sites.
  • Working Holiday Jobs: Join The Working Holiday Club™. At the risk of sounding bias, but we do feel our company offers transparency second to none, which in our opinion is how we can show you that we are an ethical and trustworthy. On The Working Holiday Club™ website you will see our employer partners, real jobs, accurate and up to date rate of pay, rental costs, pictures of staff accommodation, availability schedules, full prices for all products and name only but a few. 

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